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Gain clarity on your future, train your creativity, and learn a recession proof skill.

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Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even when the blood is your own.—Baron Rothschild

Dive into this thrilling guide to distressed commercial real estate investing and learn how to snatch up profitable deals when everyone else is running for cover! Transform economic downturns into generational wealth-building opportunities of passive income.
A hub for passive wealth mastery! Step by Step process to your Passive Wealth Machine. Choose from Free Mini Courses, Individual Courses like “Due Diligence 101” and FAST & FAR Method Mastermind.

Transforms your financials and embark on your Hero’s Journey to $10k/mn, and go from FOMO 2 MoFo!

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journey to $10k/mn

Learn to leverage systems, find your niche, create deal flow and unlock cashflow


What do Investors like Warren Buffett, Brandon Turner, and Grant Cardone share?

They leverage systems to master their investment domains. Let’s cut to the chase – wealth and passive income don’t just “magically happen”. They’re sculpted through:


  • Cash Flow Systems
  • Due Diligence Systems
  • Wealth Leverage Systems
  • Community Systems


Have you struggled with work-life balance, feel like you’re spinning your wheels, working endless hours but not getting financially ahead? Knowing time with your kids is slipping through your fingers in the process?


I’ve been there.


And after over 20 years of experience, 1200+ properties, and multiple 8-figure deals, I’ve managed to craft a series of systems that make investing less magical into something concrete.


Join the tribe, and get the playbooks, leverage my frameworks, cheat sheets, and templates. Save time, and let your investments thrive and avoid the mistakes I’ve had to endure.


Welcome to the Passive Wealth Tribe

the results speaks for itself

What people say

Catching Knives
“Catching Knives is a practical guide to change your mindset and prepare for investing in distressed opportunities. Regardless of where we are in the cycle, this is a must-read, as
Tom Burns
MD, author of Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich
Brilliant Talent
“Jake is a true front-runner in our industry with a brilliant talent for identifying and evaluating investment real estate opportunities. His insight into investment strategy in a distressed real estate
David J. Orr
President and Founder, REI Development, Inc.
Jake shows examples
“Buying when there is blood in the streets, Jake shows examples of his own personal experiences and how you might avoid the same mistakes–in practical ways to change your mindset
Pat Hiban
Co-Founder of GoBundance
I highly recommend
the CRE course! My biggest challenge was the fear of the unknown that came from my previous experience with my first CRE deal. After the course, I realized that I
Maurice Cyrus
Nurse Anesthesiologist Cyrus Capital LLC
Jake is a prospective
Jake is a prospective CRE owner’s best friend! A wealth of knowledge and unique perspective, Jake asks the hard questions that are easily overlooked when underwriting a commercial asset. In
Dr. Joe Martin
Nurse Anesthesiologist Business Owner
The biggest takeaway
The biggest takeaway from the course was the due diligence checklist. What the course did for me was to give me more awareness of my blind spots, the things I
John Lockwood
Financial Planner – CRE Investor

the blog


Deep dive into the journey of building a Passive Wealth Machine.

Watching the clock at work and email alerts on vacation? Welcome to the high-earners’ club! But here’s a radical thought – quit. Dive in as we explore five reasons why breaking free might be your best play yet.
Learn faster, train your creativity, and craft unlimited genius level ideas for your content. All in one journaling, note-taking, and content creation.
Learn faster, train your creativity, and craft unlimited genius level ideas for your content. All in one journaling, note-taking, and content creation.

About Me

Who is jake harris?

I’m an Advisor For High Flyers with 6-7 figure Incomes And Ambitious Investors.

I’m the guy that they come to when it’s time to transition from chasing shiny objects and escape the exhausting grind of a high-income W2 job. I guide them toward becoming savvy, high-income passive investors (no fancy get rich-quick tricks here)


I help them systemize their investment workflow using the FAST & FAR Formula to develop an investment vision and build a Passive Wealth Machine to unlock a predictable income-generating investment process & use cashflow to buy back their time


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Buy back your TIME with CASHFLOW. Make money while you sleep!