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The Best Online Business Model To Make $1 Million In 2023

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Books present big, powerful, and time-tested ideas that can change the way you think. And by changing the way you think, you change the way you act, which determines the entirety of your future.


For the longest time, I would force myself to read entire books.


I’d never finish, of course, because they failed to hold my attention after some time.


I’ve grown busier over the years.


Business projects can be endless if I don’t say “no.”


I have fitness and self-actualization goals that demand a consistent chunk out of my days.


I’m dedicating more time to dating and relationships because I’ve put it off to build other areas of my life.


I understand the power of reading, but it’s an afterthought nowadays.


Sure, I can schedule 30 minutes here and there for a good book, but I’ve never seemed to sustain that habit. Which is sad because a reading habit keeps your mind flowing with ideas. It’s hard to remain stagnant when endless solutions are at the top of your mind.


The Value Investor Framework


The purpose > path > priority framework is great, but let’s make
it practical.


In the next section, we will discuss where we can use these things.
Consider all of the parts below as “marketing firepower” that you can use in your content, promotions, or even language in everyday life to illustrate the value of your product or yourself.


These are the steps to turning dirt into gold.


These are the steps that, when applied to any of my endeavors, led to my business making $1M.


These are the steps to practicing the most valuable skill which is value creation.







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