Howard Marks

The Sage

The co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, Howard Marks, embodies the Sage archetype with his thoughtful, data-driven, and analytical approach to investing, as well as his popular memos sharing investment insights.

ABOUT THE Investor Archetypes

The Investor Sage is driven by a relentless pursuit of wisdom and the sharing of knowledge. They possess an insatiable curiosity, constantly seeking information and a deep understanding of processes and methodologies. With a passion for teaching and exceptional intelligence, the Investor Sage thrives in industries such as education, media, and news sectors. Often, they align with the traits of an Enneagram type 5.


The Investor Sage prioritizes the acquisition of knowledge over mere experiential encounters, harboring a strong aversion to ignorance and deception. In their quest for enlightenment, they exercise rationality and prudence, making informed decisions and judiciously managing their time and resources.


The Investor Sage establishes connections by engaging others through the sharing of knowledge and discovering common interests or factual information. Recognizing the power of knowledge in revealing truth, they actively impart their wisdom to enlighten and empower others. By fostering an environment of learning and understanding, the Investor Sage strives to facilitate informed decision-making and promote a deeper appreciation for truth in the investment realm.

THE Investor VOICE

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creators and influencers

The Creator above all else wants to innovate, create, and wow with unique solutions to problems. They resist conformity and don’t follow the masses. Gifted imaginative investor that are likely to be Enneagram type 4s and very emotive.
Investor can sometimes come off the rails due to their desire to be perfect, or have negative emotions or excess rumination. However, they shine with their self-expression through words, images, and objects they create.

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