Stephen Schwarzman

The Ruler

As the co-founder and CEO of Blackstone Group, Stephen Schwarzman demonstrates the Ruler archetype, focusing on stability, control, and long-term growth through strategic planning and calculated risk-taking.

ABOUT THE Investor Archetypes

The Investor Ruler archetype embodies a commanding presence and a desire for excellence. Recognizing the crucial role of a strong leader in driving progress and ensuring the functioning of the world, the Investor Ruler embraces the responsibility of assuming control. With qualities that closely align with the Enneagram type 8, they exude confidence, charisma, and exceptional leadership traits.


The Investor Ruler possesses a natural gift for taking charge and guiding others towards success. Their ability to inspire and motivate sets them apart, allowing them to make influential decisions in the investment arena. Through their unwavering determination and authoritative demeanor, they pave the way for achieving remarkable outcomes and leaving a lasting impact.


To captivate the attention of an Investor Ruler, it is crucial to convey a sense of deference towards their wisdom, guidance, and intellectual prowess. Acknowledging their desire for control and the aversion to chaos, it is advisable to refrain from discussing topics that might imply mutiny or challenge their decisions.


An Investor Ruler of true caliber embraces accountability and exhibits the ability to rise above their mistakes. They excel in luxury sectors such as prestigious cars, hotels, and esteemed brands encompassing watches and apparel. In these domains, the Investor Ruler’s authoritative presence and inclination towards excellence flourish, allowing them to make a significant impact and leave an indelible mark.

THE Investor VOICE

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creators and influencers

The Creator above all else wants to innovate, create, and wow with unique solutions to problems. They resist conformity and don’t follow the masses. Gifted imaginative investor that are likely to be Enneagram type 4s and very emotive.
Investor can sometimes come off the rails due to their desire to be perfect, or have negative emotions or excess rumination. However, they shine with their self-expression through words, images, and objects they create.

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