Barbara Corcoran

The Lover

As a real estate mogul and investor on “Shark Tank,” Barbara Corcoran exhibits the Lover archetype by emphasizing her passion for investing in entrepreneurs and fostering relationships with her portfolio companies.

ABOUT THE Investor Archetypes

The Investor Lover archetype believes that love is the driving force behind the world’s dynamics. They possess an insatiable longing for intimacy, beauty, passion, and deep connections. Their desire extends beyond personal attractiveness, as they aspire to uplift others and enhance their sense of beauty and sensuality.


Relationships serve as the Investor Lover’s superpower, and they spare no effort in fostering closeness, genuine connections, and a sense of togetherness. Embracing the traits of an Enneagram type 2, they derive immense satisfaction from performing acts of kindness and generosity for others, all driven by love.


In the investment realm, the Investor Lover excels at cultivating meaningful relationships and establishing bonds based on trust and mutual support. Their ability to create an atmosphere of warmth and care sets them apart, allowing them to forge valuable connections that extend beyond financial transactions.


The Investor Lover’s approach to connecting revolves around attracting others through their inherent allure. They possess a unique ability to recognize and celebrate beauty in all its forms, particularly in individuals. Their method of connection resembles rolling out a metaphorical red carpet, paving the way to the heart with gestures reminiscent of “rose petals leading to the bedroom.”


Investor Lovers create an enticing atmosphere that draws others in, enchanting them with their magnetic charm. Through their affirmations of beauty and expressions of genuine admiration, they establish a profound connection that resonates on an emotional level. This captivating approach allows the Investor Lover to forge meaningful relationships and inspire trust, forming a solid foundation for successful investments and long-lasting partnerships.

THE Investor VOICE

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creators and influencers

The Creator above all else wants to innovate, create, and wow with unique solutions to problems. They resist conformity and don’t follow the masses. Gifted imaginative investor that are likely to be Enneagram type 4s and very emotive.
Investor can sometimes come off the rails due to their desire to be perfect, or have negative emotions or excess rumination. However, they shine with their self-expression through words, images, and objects they create.

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