Peter Lynch

The Innocent

As a legendary investor and former manager of the Fidelity Magellan Fund, Peter Lynch represents the Innocent archetype with his simple, straightforward, and optimistic approach to investing in undervalued stocks.

ABOUT THE Investor Archetypes

The Investor Innocent archetype prioritizes the avoidance of harm and seeks to embody qualities of care, kindness, and virtue. These investor-driven brands embrace an optimistic outlook and strive to spread this sense of positivity to others. Their fundamental aspiration revolves around creating a haven akin to paradise, a harmonious and safe environment where everyone can thrive.


These brands wholeheartedly embrace their responsibility to protect and nurture their stakeholders, demonstrating faultlessness and unwavering integrity. Through their actions and investments, they aim to cultivate a sense of security and well-being, ensuring that individuals and communities are shielded from harm. The Investor Innocent archetype embodies a vision of a utopian Shangri-La, where the ideals of safety, compassion, and optimism flourish, paving the way for a better future.


Investor-driven brands of this nature hold great appeal for families, particularly those with children, as they prioritize safety as a key value. These brands align closely with the Enneagram 9, characterized by their deep faith, inherent optimism, and genuine desire for the happiness of those around them.


The products offered by these brands are often synonymous with purity and naturalness. Examples include Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Tear-Free shampoo, Q-Tips, Dove soap, or Aveeno bath products. By emphasizing quality and gentleness, these brands cater to the needs of families, providing reassurance and peace of mind. Investors gravitate towards these brands, recognizing their commitment to fostering a secure and harmonious environment for both children and adults alike.

THE Investor VOICE

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creators and influencers

The Creator above all else wants to innovate, create, and wow with unique solutions to problems. They resist conformity and don’t follow the masses. Gifted imaginative investor that are likely to be Enneagram type 4s and very emotive.
Investor can sometimes come off the rails due to their desire to be perfect, or have negative emotions or excess rumination. However, they shine with their self-expression through words, images, and objects they create.

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